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Meditation Loves You

Let's Celebrate our Radiant Heart Minds.

When: Please contact us for more information.

Where: Our practice location is in the Berkeley, Albany, Kensington region in California when conducted in person.

Ah, has practiced with many of the greatest masters of the last century and today. The name means "Enlightenment Mind", the "Mind of Awakening" and "Bodhicitta". Bodhicitta is also translated as the wish to help all sentient beings attain awakening. This name and a robe bearing this name was given to by Zen Master Seung Sahn. started practicing in 1983, first Zen and later Vipassana, training in over 700 long retreat days and countless daylongs in Asia and the US under many great teachers.

is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the Golden Wind Zen lineage who embodies a refreshing collaborative style, honoring the Dharma in all beings, drawing from training in Nonviolence and training as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also a 2009 MBSR Teacher-Trained, 2020 Covid JKZ retreat participant.

Meditation Loves You