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Meditation Love You Celebrates and Presents:

Turn on, Tune in*
Drop In
to the Shining
Radiant Heart Mind
Attune to your inner wisdom and blessings

Free with Reservation and attendance:

Registering in advance is highly recommended
holding your space
for there is a passenger limitation

Signup here: Tuning into the Shining Radiant Heart Mind: Sunday 11/05/2017


When: Sunday November 5, 2017 9:45 AM to 4:00 PM.

What: Shining in on your heart, sitting, walking, one together action chant/sufi dance

Where: Beautiful natural setting. The exit is off of 101 Just North of Marin County in Petaluma. Specific directions provided upon registration.

Reservation/RSVP: A deposit confirms you for the event and directions will be sent. Attending the entire program will return your deposit if you choose. Signup here: Tuning into the Shining Radiant Heart Mind: Sunday 11/05/2017

What to bring: Lunch. Warm clothes. Padded comfortable upright chairs are available. Please bring your own sitting floor cushions and whatever you would like beneath it on a lodge/barn floor. A vehicle is definitely recommended to travel to the site. There is no smoking on location to protect this sacred space. Tea will be available for everyone.

* From the title Turn On Tune In Drop Out book by Timothy Leary, 1966

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

What a gift. We are able to get tickets for people who are veryinterested in being in the presence, close to His Holiness the 17th Karmapa for his teachings. This is in the auditorium in front, in a reserved seat.

The seats are in one of the closest blocks to His Holiness who is the Kagyu lineage holder and a successor of the Dalai Lama in the care of the Tibetan people.

Tickets are "at cost", $20.

The date is 3/19 from 9:00-11:00 AM at the Scottish Rites Temple in SF. We are already a good sized group and are excited about going.

With all good wishes,
♥ ♥ Meditation Loves You ♥ ♥

Pictures posted below.